• Trevor Burrow

Waterless Clouds: A Poem inspired by Jude

Updated: Feb 4

Cloaked in darkness, they creep with a clandestine step that would refrain from creaking the eldest floors.

Flaming hands turn the knobs of buried back doors.

Swiftly, they enter.

They fool their prey with a mirror.

Still, behind warm glass lies sharp teeth fitted into jaws that crush bones.

Mouths foaming and hungry for worship, they wait patiently.

When guards are down, restraint flees.

Sinking their teeth into hearts, they bleed their victims dry.

Death watches with a crimson grin.

Swarming corpses collect to form a throne of self exaltation.

Though appearing friendly, they are foe.

A warm sun on the surface, but cold like ice below.

Seemingly life offering, they kill...

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